The legend of
Persian saffron.

Saharkhiz Saffron

Saffron is a valuable spice known as ‘red gold’, picked from the sparce, delicate threads of the saffron crocus. It is a joy to cook with due to its distinctive, savoury aroma and its beautiful colouring. Iran is known for producing the best saffron in the world. Saharkhiz saffrons are premium grade, and have been awarded an exceptional three-star rating by the world’s top flavour institute, the International Taste Institute (ITQI), located in Belgium. Many of our products come with special presentation and packaging, making them ideal gifts.

Infused with tradition
and expertise.

Saharkhiz Tea and Herbal Infusion

Drinking tea, or ‘chai’, is a national past-time in Iran, and it is famous for its excellent teas. Strong, dark tea is often sweetened with sugar or ‘nabat’ rock candy, which can be found here. We offer a range of black and green tea blends, as well as herbal infusions, which provide natural health benefits for issues such as digestion, anxiety or insomnia. Saharkhiz teas are developed by a team of experts in the medicinal properties of plants.

Authentic Persian
flavours, the easy way.

Saharkhiz Dried Fruits and Spices

Persian cuisine uses exciting spices and flavours, such as zesty lemon pepper or sumac. Here we offer high-quality, versatile, convenient spice mixes and powders which you can use to recreate classic Persian dishes, or experiment with your own. You can also pick up some barberries, a tangy health food which can be tossed into rice dishes.

Indulgent treats and
store cupboard essentials.

Saharkhiz Other Selected Products

Here you can explore some more classic Persian foods. Our Persian rock candy (nabat) is a special luxury that goes perfectly with our black tea range or coffee, and makes a great gift. Our range of dried herbs provides you with all the herbs you need to recreate classic Persian dishes, and you can also pick up your dried beans, pulses and rice here whilst you’re at it.

A hand-picked selection
of our favourites.

Non-Saharkhiz Products

We couldn’t resist providing a hand-picked selection of some of our favourite products from other brands, including indulgent sauces and condiments from the Mediterranean, and everything you need to truly bring your morning coffee to the next level.

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