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Saharkhiz Saffron

A selection of premium quality Persian saffron.
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Saharkhiz Tea and Herbal infusion

A selection of premium quality teas and herbal infusions.
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Saharkhiz Dried Fruits and Spices

A selection of premium quality spices and dried fruits.
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Saharkhiz other selected products

A selection of premium quality sweets and dried goods.
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Non Saharkhiz products

A selection of premium sauces, condiments and coffees.
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About our Fine Saffron store

High Quality: As Spice Merchants we take a hands on approach to importing spices. With strong connections in the Persian Gulf and beyond, we are able to visit the farmers and growers, selecting only the highest quality of ingredients.

Price: Buying at source enables us to negotiate a better deal, passing these savings onto our valued customers.

Service: Our promise is to offer quality products at great prices. Customer satisfaction is always paramount.

We are the sole representative of Saharkhiz in the UK …..and are able to supply all their products.

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Organic, fair, and eco friendly were possible

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