Mint & Ziziphora Herbal Infusion for Digestion (12 bags, 24g)

A herbal blend to aid digestion and ease digestive issues.

Ingredients: ziziphora, mint, peppermint, cumin, chamomile, thyme, liquorice, fennel, valerian, caraway.

Key health benefits of ingredients:
Ziziphora: promotes relaxation and calming.
Mint/peppermint: aids healthy digestion.
Cumin: has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
Chamomile: aids relaxation and reduces menstrual pain and blood sugar levels.
Thyme: provides inflammation reduction and vitamin C.
Liquorice: aids healthy digestion.
Valarian: helps relieve anxiety and insomnia.
Caraway: aids healthy digestion.

About Saharkhiz teas: Saharkhiz teas are developed by a team of experts in the medicinal properties of plants, and created with the latest production methods to rigorous standards. Pyramid mesh bags are used to allow teas to circulate and preserve their condition. They are made of food grade polymer and packaged in foil lined, sealed bags to preserve freshness.


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